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Bruce Irvin got picked at #15 it wouldn’t have been the most shocking pick.

there were rumors before the draft that he was moving into the 1st round

most thought it would be late 1st, but Sanu wasn’t mentioned as 1st, esp after the combine. 

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It could happen, but frankly I’d rather see them address the DT position. Fletcher Cox will likely be gone at this point, but Michael Brockers will be there, and he’s ready to contribute. Some would prefer Dontari Poe, but he’s just not ready.

I hear from a lot Brockers isn’t close to ready and Cox wouldn’t have the same impact as Luke right away. Granted I’m for him coming in too, cause Jenkins could easily get injured, another full healthy season from him would be surprising. Plus Jenkins is up there in age and could mentor Cox along with Washburn, one of the best d-line coaches. Plus you don’t always draft need, you draft BPA and make sure its not a need down the line, which UT definitely would be in a couple years. 

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Not a poor fit.

he’s at 248 now, and he’s 6’3, definitely has the size to play SAM

would could move him inside if Ryans ever goes down with an injury

SAM lines up closer to what an ILB would in other defenses (found that out this week), and he played a bit of OLB 1 year in college, and has the tools to come in right away with a full camp / offseason (mini camps) and take the job right away. 

the addition of him and Ryans, plus Rolle improving upon what he brought his rookie season where he was our best LB, and we could have a good unit

I’m really warming up to us being a Super Bowl contender if we did this. we would have a solid everything except for safety and they might improve who knows. 

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They better be taking a defensive tackle. That position has 0 talent.

ummmmmmm what?

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Uhhhh…Raiders fans dress up like Darth Maul in the bleachers. Close call, but I’m going with the Black Hole here.

not sure how the black hole makes their whole fan base better, hmm