i would say the wu is the greatest group, since enter the wu, wu forever and almost every member’s first solo joint is a classic

their solo work =/= group material 

wu forever a classic though? :/

they have 3 classix, but speakerboxxxxx is awful and stankonia might be the most overrated rap album ever made, people only like it for the singles, most of the album sucks…it’s a shame how far they fell tho, aquemini is a masterpiece

there are a lot of overrated albums so hard to say, but the 3 classics definitely push them over any other group for me. also speakerboxxxx/love below was the first album i bought as a kid so i still dig it for the nostalgia and there are some good joints on there, but yeah too poppy.

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holy grail was so wackkkkk

i barely made it half way through 

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but they can’t even raise the minimum wage smfh

i havent even been paying attention to the news but i knew california, new jersey and some other states have raised min wage. it looks like obama is pushing for the federal to be raised but who knows. i hope it happens.

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everything including and after stankonia sucks to me, but everything before is total gold, especially their first album and aquemini

well I like SB/LB but a good part of that is cause of nostalgia and it being the first album i purchased. Idlewild never existed though. It’s a figment of our imaginations.

it’s great when he dies in haywire

im glad my followers can bond over the fictional deaths of channing tatum


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it does have a distinct and clear ending though, the creator knew the show was ending and it’s incredible, although there’s always some people who think the ending is awfu…i’ve watched it like 7-8 times and still couldn’t ask for more aha

thats great and tv shows never please everybody with their ending haha

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yeah there were a lot of issues and it actually isn’t truly known all of the details surrounding stuff like that, there are numerous accounts of how/why the show ended. some say the creator only wanted to do 7 and then it became 17, etc

ah okay. im sure a lot of people were upset they didnt get closure on that 

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you should watch the prisoner as it’s only 17 episodes and is probably my second favourite show :3 look it u p on wiki or something but i think you might like it

it sounds interesting. im torrenting now.

why was it only one season? was that by design or did it get cancelled?

i have to watch the entirety of the second half of season 5 ( the last eight episodes) but i doubt they would make me say that aha. i love breaking bad i’ve been watching it way before a lot of people and it’s incredible but not the wire aha

like i said. i probably said that out of excitement. maybe I’ve watched Breaking Bad so fast I haven’t thought out the flaws it has enough. I bought The Wire on DVD though so I’m gonna rewatch it soon with my fam and after time passes I’ll probably still favor The Wire, but Breaking Bad is definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Now what do I watch now? I’m gonna finish Oz soon. I need more great television. Sopranos? X-Files? what??


tha fk ?

i knew u would comment. i think i might have got caught up in the excitement and liking how much the show wrapped up w/ the series finale. But, both have there ups and downs in season 5 but wrapped the show up nicely. i think breaking bad has better main actors but the wire had a better cast overall. The Wire arguably has better writing.  I was saying The Wire is still my top show recently though. But, I really don’t see how its an absurd opinion.

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like solange*

nah. they both look good as hell

yeezus is really phenomenal, after i listened to it like 4-5 times a lot of the stuff under the surface becomes clear and the production sounds even better, i don’t think i can take listening to a mac miller album >___<

I really like the production on yeezus, its hard for me to stack it up to his other albums since he didn’t have much of a hand in the production. The sounds sometimes seemed to clash but it worked. The album had a lot of different sounds yet seemed to remain cohesive which I appreciate. Some of the lyrics on it were definitely disappointing. I’m watching something so I don’t feel like quoting but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I’d at least give the Mac Miller album a chance. I think he put a lot of work into this project and sounds a lot more original than he has in the past. 

sllf was really awful imo, and what that other person said ( his verse on the pink matter remix is super trash)

that’s pretty harsh criticism, I don’t think it was really awful, but my opinion did come down the more I listened to it. 

what do you think of the new yeezy and mac miller though david?

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Oh no :(

why are yall frowning? i dont dislike it, it just started and im confused