nice very nice format i didnt read it but nice nice

thx babe


benzpunani replied to your post: blaze it 

u hella fineee

ha nahhh but thank u!


hohokev replied to your photoset:blaze it 
u hella fineeeee


she misses u too! shes ok shes just trying to sort some things out

:+) i hope she figures out whatever it is

hohokev replied to your post: i miss karina. where did she go?

shes fine, she just doesnt really use tumblr anymore for now

i see. i miss her presence / positive energy 

hohokev answered your post: what celebrity do i look like?

the guy from yu yu hakusho

the only acceptable answer

hohokev replied to your post: 12 years a slave comes ou…


it says its a limited release in the US on October 18th on RT and IMDB

he has some good stuff tho

he sounded okay but he kept rapping about basketball and it just made me wanna turn it off. name one of his better songs…

I’d get dick piercings before I’d wear a shirt with your url on it 

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this a lie

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. lumz (11%)
  2. antiblossom (6%)
  3. nylilprincess (5%)
  4. hohokev (4%)
  5. cattlemutilation (4%)
  6. ammitt (3%)
  7. seiras (3%)
  8. lilnewport (3%)
  9. mettaworldpeacee (3%)

this a lie

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pick ur bandwagon wisely


what the hell

do you not like avocado or are you just saying that cause of the combo?

not at all lmao

thanks bae

camron is the only one who matters so