Calvin’s car ran out of gas just shortly after we got off the freeway so we had to push it up a hill… you know how hard it is to push a truck up an incline? hard bruh. Luckily some buff asian dude stopped along with some white dudes and helped us get it up to a street to park it. Then we had to walk like 4 miles in hundred degree heat up steep hills to get to my house. My mouth was drier than Betty White’s pussy, couldn’t even make my own spit man. I was 100x thirstier than I am on here every day, not exaggerating. But, that was some of the best water I’ve tasted in a while. 

  1. ra9er said: My mouth was drier than Betty White’s pussy
  2. johnnyjamboogie said: jesus christ, glad you guys made it home okay.
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