blake and drake playing each other the best thing sof ar

ESPN is a joke

Richard Sherman an all pro (top honor in the NFL) corner and top 3 corner in almost everyone’s opinion in 2012 is somehow a breakthrough athlete in 2013…. 

yankees pitcher or nick foles are the only ones worthy of breakthrough athlete

lilard and sherman already broke out


drake is pulling out the low blows even though the whole room knows he likes girls to lick on his butt….the flagrancy


drake going 100-0 real quick with these jokes

Drake’s corny jewish white man side is out tonight.
sports are so beautiful

Dragging someone is basicAlly exposing them and calling them out on something omg alex

good to know i used it correctly !

ion play that shit  u know this

what does dragging someone mean cus im bout to do it hardcore


So Action Bronson performed in my city and walked over to a port-a-potty and continued rapping while he used it…

reggae-airhorn replied to your post: anonymous said:Why are you trying…

Drag her all you want

you get me

whatever you say dude

i know thats why i said it.

the girl you’re talking to/about! i used to follow her in the post-scene hipster days! soooonnnnn

was she doing the same back then too or nah